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When I was a child, I wanted to become a writer!

And this desire and this need have never left me.


You understood it, I love the words, their etymology, their multiple senses. These graphical symbols which, isolated remain abstract and which, when they are associated, open to an infinity of interpretations.

I admire those who created proverbs or other maxims. They are artists of the language.They are geniuses even, because by making for the simplest on the syntactic plan, they send back to us to a multitude of things and to very big reflections. Sometimes in one, two or three words, everything is said.

An interpretation which remains sometimes very personal and very different from that made by others; and which generates most of the time the encounter, the exchange of ideas and emotions.


Jean Cocteau mixed these poems and his paints with a lot of simplicity and class.

Jean de la Fontaine remains for me one of the biggest genius of the French literature. I am really admiring. In these domains, they are my two mentors!

Naturally, I do not try to look like them. It would be extremely pretentious and so tiring to imitate them. They are very too strong! But I want to be inspired by their artistic work and to follow their wonderful way which they opened...


Then, as there was only a jump to be made. I do it shyly, humbly. I go to see on which paths it leads me. I am going to make him by associating, when it will be possible, my three passions: writing, music and painting.

The fables and the tales lend themselves to it well; the novel a little less. Although!
At the moment, I've been rather productive on the "fables of my 50's" and the first tale is in the course of writing...


And who knows ? Maybe by reading me, you will appreciate my journeys ?

Cheers !


« " A civilization which turns out incapable to solve the problems that generates its functioning is a decadent civilization. " »

Aimé Césaire


Témoignages vécus, histoires fictives, les « fables de la cinquantaine » dépeignent certains des maux de la société française de ce dernier demi-siècle.


A la manière du peintre qui laisse improviser son pinceau sur la toile, mélangeant parfois accidentellement les couleurs pour créer de nouveaux tons et de nouvelles textures, j'ai laissé ma plume glisser sur la feuille, mélangeant les mots de toutes époques, parfois par accident, laissant ainsi au lecteur le choix de l’interprétation finale.
Ces fables se lisent comme on regarde un tableau, et la morale, c’est à vous de la trouver !

Des histoires courtes qui caricaturent nos comportements les plus négatifs, parfois les plus inciviques, et dépeignent une humanité bien désenchantée.

L’humour se veut noir et la critique acerbe, tout en rendant hommage aux grands hommes, pères de nos démocraties ou illustres inventeurs. Ces écrits sont à lire plusieurs fois, pour en redécouvrir d’autres sens souvent volontairement cachés.

"Fables of my 50's"

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