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My paintings

My progress in artistic painting follows the same steps as those who decide one day to practice this art. From the beginning and according to the inspiration, I painted still lifes, portraits, landscapes... I used pastels,  oil painting and acrylic... I used paintbrushes, felt-tip... I made collages of papers and objects... I even did sculpture. By using all these artistic techniques with more or less of success. I've made and I do again errors. It is like that that we learn moreover !

But my painting master, Sami,  learnt me to accept them, to incorporate them in the artistic work...

And more again !  To sublimate them.


That's what unlike the sport, I learnt in the paint. It is not always necessary to correct the error. And what can seem imperfect, can here, feed and serve the beauty of an artistic work. Here the imperfection can be very beautiful even.

Here, I am more afraid of accidents.

At the moment, I am still strongly influenced by the sport. It is normal !  This passion represents more than thirty years of my life.

We observe it in my paintings on trampoline, or in my paintings words about sports. But I want to present you very soon, at the end of the exhibition on the sport which I prepare at the moment, an artistic works about feminine nude, then to present you my futurs "sunflowers".

Cheers !


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