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My music

Music is for me undoubtedly, the queen of the arts. The one that we understand best, the most accessible. As soon as we hear it, during the time of its melody, it transforms us, changes us. We love it or not. It calms down us or irritates us. It makes us sad or joyful. It invites at sharing and to meet us.

For my part, I do not conceive life without her. I paint and I write under its influence. I live permanently with her. And although I appreciate more particularly the funk and the hip-hop, I like all his styles, that I listen according to my mood.

It is also my biggest frustration. I shall have liked a lot playing perfectly an instrument as the piano, the violin, the harmonica or the electric guitar ? Then I learn. I have a level of basic, but sufficient to compose without too much ambition of piano melodies, which sometimes become songs.

A la tienne !


Avec les participations de (dans l'ordre d'interprétations) : Mimi FELIXINE, Colette BESSON, Stéphane DIAGANA, Virginie DEDIEU, Florian ROUSSEAU, Eva SERRANO, Sébastien DELEIGNE, Laura FLESSEL, Ghani YALOUZ, Patricia GIRARD, Ryadh SALLEM, Jean GALFIONE, Jean-Philippe GATIEN, Eric POUJADE, David DOUILLET, Marie-Claire RESTOUX, Daniel FAUCHE, Christine ARON, Stéphane TRAINEAU, Jackson RICHARDSON, Chorale des petits chanteurs d'Asnières et SCÅL.

Concept de SCÅL - Production BEKAD Films - Musique et paroles : SCÅL et Jean-Michel BELLAICHE - Arrangements : François CONSTANTIN - Maison de Disque  : EDEL Music - Editions : Universal Music France

"Faites du sport, plus la guerre ! " : Chanson officielle de l'équipe de France olympique pour les JO de Sydney 2000.

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