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SCÅL : "Cheers !..."

Among music notes, paintbrush and fountain pen ! 


After a long career of high-level sportsman, who occupied me full time then and some international titles gleaned here and there, it is music and to writing songs lyrics that inspire me.


Then, I started to paint at the age of thirty five to challenge myself ! All my life, I liked to rebound and getting outside my confort zone. Because my famous painter friend, Chamizo, offered me my first canvas.

This surprising idea comes to me because I like paintings, real paintings. But I can not afford it. One day, while I wish to acquire a reproduction of the famous painting " the sunflowers" of Van Gogh, I decide to copy the artistic work. given the price of the photocopy. I made it with pastels, because I had nothing else. The result was encouraging ...


One year later, I met and sympathized with Sami Khorsandian. The persian calligrapher suggests take me under his wing for my debuts. Learning beside this master is a true revelation. Besides the teaching of some of his techniques, he shared with me his philosophy of life and, thanks to large conversation and friendship allows me to find my own pictorial way. Now I'm finally able to use my first canvas...

In my paint, the black opposes almost always color, the rectilinear at the curve. But it is especially the words which serve me as sources of inspiration and as working bases. A kind of personal, minimalist, almost infantile calligraphy, inspired by notorious painters as Cocteau, Matisse and Mirò , which illustrates graphically voluntarily, or accidentally, the first sense given to the word, and which gives it others: yours. It is what I call in french my " tabl'mots".

Seeing paintings as a game in which people would try to find letters and to guess the words...

Having writed in 2012, " Be a champion and shut up! ", An autobiographical testimony which talks about my sports life and my professional beginnings, not translated in english, I lend myself by passion and admiration for Jean de la Fontaine, to the exercise of the fable.
This is how wereborn in 2014 the "Fables de la cinquantaine".
I wrote them in the same way as I realized my "word painting". I am confronted with the blank page, with a first idea of behavioral caricature common to certain human beings. Sometimes I have lived this situation.  I search for then of the specific jargon, look and discover words of any historic times and of any styles.When they seduce me or when they lend themselves to the rhyme, which owes be unique, I associate them. I let then their colors and their magic operate.
The fable takes then shape by telling a sometimes funny, often critical story.
I also have other current projects, among which the writing of a tale and a philosophic novel.
"Cheers! ..."


It is thanks to the meeting with a friend that Scal, friendly diminutive of my first name Pascal, becomes Scål. He possessed a bottle opener on which was spelled, in all the languages, " cheers ! ". And they says :  " Skål ! " in certain Scandinavian countries.

What more natural thus, than to sign every painting by this new artistic name ? Did not my paintings invite in the journey and weren't they intended for the sharing with the other one a very good moment ?


 Cheers !


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